Top Crypto News Aggregators: How do they compare?

Crypto is a niche industry, and at times the ones who have stayed around are woven into using what is most familiar to them. But as the market begins to turn the ticker up, we should expect the tools we use, and especially the media we consume, to adapt and change being replaced by better tools. In this article, we are going to take a look at crypto news aggregator websites and see what is considered unique at this juncture. We have ranked them based on their Alexa ranking the top 3 news aggregator websites we have discovered.


Alexa ranking: 42,519 (April 23rd, 2019)

Cryptopanic can be considered the number one crypto news aggregator on the market. Their focus is aggregating news sources and media sources. Their news is also ranked by when it is released being updated by the minute, while their media section showcases videos releases from youtube influencers. You can comment under their thread or even vote up or down. Although those features can give a crowd sentiment score, the need for more people to participate can only showcase results more accurately.

One interesting feature allows users to create polls and discuss results or topics from those polls in the comments. Although their UI has its limitations, they have a lot of data feed. Cryptopanic is available both via desktop and mobile, which includes a paid pro-version plan.


Alexa Ranking: 56,847 (April 23nd, 2019)

Coinlib news aggregator can be considered simple, but it fits nicely with their portfolio management tools. You can star coins, keep track of your portfolio by connecting to 8 live exchanges with more to come in future developments. With both a desktop and app version available they look to be aiming to be an all in one portfolio management tool.

With the news coming in from order of release, you can click and read the summary or go into the news source link to read the full article. Coinlib has both a desktop and mobile app versions are free to use if you don’t mind ignoring ads.


Alexa ranking: 235,090 (April 23rd, 2019)

Cryptocontrol aggregates news and social media. Their news looks to have less aggregated sources compared to the likes of cryptopanic, but one unique feature allows you to select a coin to see the social media news feed. Currently, they have Reddit and Twitter available for this feature, including Google (although at the time of writing, this article the Google feed is not working).

From their terminal icon, they are venturing into similar realms to Coinlib of becoming a portfolio management application allowing you to connect to exchanges and utilize trading tools. Although the lowest ranking aggregator from out top 3 list, there is potential here. They have both desktop and mobile app with a premium version to upgrade for a paid plan.

So how does CryptoMood compare?

CryptoMood’s core product is showcasing the sentiment mood score of each news and social media posts by utilizing machine learning to accurately display the public’s mood. In addition to other news aggregators, we showcase headline news (news posted in the most news channels) and trending news, the most viewed in a short period of time.

We are also striving to present the best design and UX allowing ease for our users to navigate and get their determined readings. As we develop and add more feeds we look to jump into the aggregated market. One thing is for sure, we are proud of our sentiment analysis scores and look to be a leader in mood predictions for the foreseeable future.

You can try CryptoMood today by downloading our app on Google Play or IOS. Don’t forget to join our Telegram to get more updates from us as we keep improving our application’s experience.

All the best,

CryptoMood Team

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