The 10 Biggest ICOs in Cryptocurrency

When we talk about the ‘biggest’ in cryptocurrency, it’s hard to nail down one exact measurement. In terms of ICOs, there are several different ways of deciding which were the biggest, and so in this article, we will be looking at return on investment and amount raised.

Biggest Cryptocurrency ICOs by Return on Investment

For this section, we will be comparing a cryptocurrency’s token at the time of their initial offering, to the price now. Of course, the ‘price now’ is constantly changing, so we are going with the price figure as of June 2nd 2020. Since figures are constantly changing, this list is only accurate for a moment. Please, also remember that many cryptocurrencies did not have an ICO, and therefore they have been excluded from this list.


Value at offering: $0.0001798865

Value now: $0.226673

ROI: 126008%

“The first open-source distributed ledger that is being built to power the future of the Internet of Things with feeless microtransactions and data integrity for machine”. Since reaching an all-time high of $5.69, IOTA has dropped massively (but not entirely). Fortunately for many of the early ICO investors, they are now multi-millionaires thanks to their decision to invest.

ETH (Ethereum)

Value at offering: $0.311

Value now: $234.64

ROI: 75445%

The Ethereum cryptocurrency peaked at $1361, making an absolute fortune for those who bought in early and sold at the right time. Few cryptocurrencies have gained value since the bull run at the end of 2017, but whilst the financial value is down, ETH is still widely used and well-trusted.

NXT (Nxt)

Value at offering: $0.0000168

Value now: $0.011335

ROI: 67470%

One developer quite ingeniously introduced his NXT ICO by spreading the word on Reddit and forums. He billed it as a superior alternative to Bitcoin and sold a billion tokens for $16,800. The value has climbed ever since and those same billion coins are now worth over $11m. An all-time high of $2.16 in December 2017 valued NXT at over $2bn.

NEO (Neo)

Value at offering: $0.032

Value now: $11.90

ROI: 37187%

Chinese not-for-profit cryptocurrency NEO offered a huge ROI for investors who bought at $0.032 and sold around the peak of $196, somewhat ironically making many of them millionaires. The value has dropped to less than a tenth of that value, but it’s still popular and commonly used globally as a blockchain technology and digital identity system aiming to build a smart economy.

(BNB) Binance Coin

Value at offering: $0.1

Value now: $17.25

ROI: 17250%

Popular exchange Binance launched their own token in July 2017, supporting trading pairs for BNB with the following coins: BTC, ETH, LTC, NEO. They raised $15m on the ICO and it continues to look like a good investment for traders.

XSPEC (Spectrecoin)

Value at offering: $0.001

Value now: $0.092559

ROI: 9255%

When privacy-focused Spectrecoin peaked at $6.74, some people were wise enough to sell and become very rich almost immediately. That growth might have represented perhaps the greatest crypto-ROI that the crypto-world has ever seen. Since then, it’s dropped massively, but it’s still a great return on investment for those who bought in early. For those who like to protect their privacy and anonymity, XSPEC is worth looking into.

STRAT (Stratis)

Value at offering: $0.007

Value now: $0.349209

ROI: 4988%

The strat all-time high of $22.66 represented an outrageous return on investment for those who sold around the peak. Their ICO raised $600,000 which they poured into developing their product, which now says “Crowdfund your business ambitions with the free-to-use Stratis ICO Platform”. They’ve gone full circle and it’s interesting to see.

LINK (Chainlink)

Value at offering: $0.11

Value now: $4.41

ROI: 4009%

The LINK network offers a great way of providing smart contracts in a decentralized way. Their technology and concept were so popular that the ICO was a big success, raising $32m in just a month. The return on investment rating for LINK is still high, especially for those trading against Ethereum.

LSK (Lisk)

Value at offering: $0.07647059

Value now: $1.21

ROI: 1582%

Back in 2016, LSK launched their ICO, raising $6.47m to grow their blockchain application platform that allows developers to build apps and launch their own custom tokens. Their ICO lasted a single day and was deemed a huge success. 

HEDG (HedgeTrade)

Value at offering: $0.1408

Value now: $2.21

ROI: 1569%

HedgeTrade raised around $2.1m when they launched their ICO but have gone from strength to strength ever since. The platform elevates the quality of trading predictions by holding forecasters accountable through immutable blockchain records and their unique smart contract system.

Now, let’s move on…

Biggest Cryptocurrency ICOs by Amount Raised

For investors and early-stage traders, return on investment is everything, but what about those who love big figures, huge financial raises, and the thought that hundreds of millions of dollars worth of crypto can be created overnight? For those individuals, we’ve created this second list, which tallies up to over $7.7bn in ICO raises. Staggering.

EOS – $4bn

Blockchain OS and Ethereum competitor EOS raised a whopping $4 billion back in 2018. It’s a decentralised operating system that developers can build on, without having to pay for each transaction (unlike Ethereum).

TON – $1.7bn

Telegram’s ICO for TON (Telegram Open Network) was a roaring success, with the blockchain-based platform supporting digital payments from their 200 million users. They raised so much during the ICO that they cancelled their public coin offering.  

DRG – $320m

Dragon Coin is quite interesting in that it’s a cryptocurrency designed for gambling and gaming in Macau, with the end goal being a ‘floating casino’. Amazingly, their ICO only funded 79% of their target of $407.5m. 

HT- $300m

Chinese global financial services provider Huobi had great success with their Huobi Token ICO back in January 2018. They plan to use some of this money to invest in the building of a public blockchain called Huobi Chain. The beta version launched in March 2020 and it’s presumed that the founders are sitting on around 40% of the tokens, if true this would be worth an estimated $800m in today’s market.

DAC – $258m

Hdac was launched by the son of the Hyundai founder and it stands for Hyundai Digital Assets Currency. The South Korean project raised $258m to develop a platform that combines the blockchain with the Internet of Things (IoT). It was labelled the worst ICO of 2017 due to regular technical issues, which would probably insinuate that you could probably find more reliable tokens to invest in.

FIL – $257m

Filecoin raised a huge amount of money in late-2017 with their decentralised cloud storage network project. They incentivise the use of currently vacant digital storage space in order to bring down the cost of storage. To say their ICO was a success was an understatement, in fact, demand was so high for their coin that they raised $217m more than their target of $40m! The value of FIL continues to climb and remains one to watch.

Tezos – $232m

Tezos did an ICO back in 2017 where participants could purchase tokens with Bitcoin or Ethereum. At the time, it was the biggest ICO ever, representing a landmark moment for the cryptocurrency world. Tezos is a decentralised blockchain that offers built-in formal verification. 

SRN – $157m

Switzerland-based Sirin Labs made huge gains when they launched their ICO in December 2017, allowing them to fund the development of a secure blockchain-enabled mobile phone and PC. The devices will run on their own operating system, Sirin OS which offers a crypto wallet, secure exchange access, encrypted communications, and a P2P resource sharing platform.

BNT – $152m

Bancor’s ‘Bancor Network Token’ stunned traders when their ICO raised an impressive $152m  (in Ethereum) in a single day back in June 2017. Their platform aims to simplify the process of converting currencies on the same network and easily sending them to a secure wallet. 

BNK – $151m

Bankera raised a staggering $151m in their March 2018 ICO, funding an impressive blockchain-based bank designed for the digital era. Despite the popularity of the ICO, their token BNK has not increased in value since the ICO price, which could present it as a good opportunity to curious investors.


To finish this article we want to leave you with one more ginormous figure to think about… 

$274 billion. 

That’s the total market cap of cryptocurrency today, and whilst it may grow or it may shrink, what it represents is an opportunity. Every week, new ICOs are launching and many of them could contain a huge ROI, or it could get a massive amount of funding overnight. The trick is to be there or be square. Good luck out there, traders!

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