CryptoMood Terminal and API

An Intuitive dashboard with real-time fundamental and sentiment analysis utilising the TradingView interface or stand-alone API.

Coverage 3000 coins. 50K news sources. 25M tweets processed daily 1200 blogs

cryptomood terminal

What’s in the package?

Our indicators

The data from CryptoMood API contains graph charts where you can use a variety of tools to create daily patterns and numerous sentiment averages, with indicators to choose from including:

  • – News Sentiment indications: volume, EMA, moving average, RSI
  • – Social sentiment indicators: volume, EMA, moving average, RSI
  • – Search trends
  • – Github indicator
  • – Built-in WhaleTrace component: volumes, ratio for crypto transactions larger on 6 blockchains


The methods CryptoMood uses to aggregate, group, and rank market data is the result of many years of research and cooperation with two European Universities and senior professionals in AI, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing. You can use Terminal together with CryptoMood and WhaleTrace mobile apps.

How CryptoMood calculates sentiment

Besides statistical-based word analysis, CryptoMood uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) for each item in Terminal’s feed. Each word has its own value or weight for sentiment, either positive, negative, or neutral. CryptoMood scores every word in the text and sums up all values together. Prior to sentiment calculations, the sentences shall be cleaned from redundant words, whilst at the same time poetic phrases, grammar mistakes, emoticons, negations and slang will be taken into account.

As it comes to awarding a social sentiment score, CryptoMood also uses social graph technology, which measures the value of the influencer’s in the community, their number of followers, and community engagement with a particular post.

Sentiment score = average (sentiment * impact) of N points

The sentiment score for each piece of information that we scrap is the result of the sentiment multiplied by the impact. Have a look at the detailed FAQ here.


Use the advantages of real-time CryptoMood indicators to optimize your trading strategy, be ahead of the crowd, and make better trading decisions!

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