List: Cryptocurrency News Websites For 2020 (UPDATED)

With hundreds of millions of tweets, tens of thousands of cryptocurrencies, and a mountain of information blasting through the interwebs every second, how is anyone meant to really keep on top of the industry news? Fortunately, that’s not for us to answer, it’s for the news sources to answer.

With so much competition in the crypto news space, it’s vital that the publishers are varied in their reporting, transparent about what they know, impartial with their audiences, and quick to cover major market movements. Different readers want to experience different things, but a high quality of journalism is demanded regardless, which means good levels of research and storytelling. Remember at the end of the day, cryptocurrency is technology, and tech news should be delivered in a certain way, highlighting the innovation, the difficulty, and the changes to the world that it can bring about.

So, knowing what we now know, who can we rely on to deliver us our cryptocurrency news? 

Welcome to the Ultimate List of Cryptocurrency News Websites! We’ve also included a few crypto news apps in this list, as it would be unfair to leave them out.

In alphabetical order…


Fairly new, but jam-packed full of great features, including a social media news aggregator as well as a news aggregator pulling in information from 1,000 qualified sources. Data on their platform is even sourced from crypto and blockchain products that might not even have tokens yet (or ever plan to). One popular feature of Algory is the ability to create a dedicated workspace. You could see this tool as a hybrid of Slack, Reddit, and any generic crypto news site.


We are impressed with Berminal for a few major reasons. Firstly, they have their own full-time crypto-journalists, so they aren’t relying on repackaging stories from other sites. Secondly, their app and website have the true look and feel of a trading platform, keeping users in the zone. Thirdly, their embedded live price, data, and technical trading indicators are good quality. Fourthly, they have their own utility token (BERM) which can be earned by downloading the app, playing their crypto-games, and taking part in their democratic platform.

Bitcoin Magazine

This news site is strikingly different from many of the others on this list, namely because its primary focus is on putting together excellent features and op-ed pieces. This is not the best place to go if you want real-time market news and updates, but if you’d rather get a deep knowledge of the cryptosphere from enthusiasts and journalists, you’ll love it. Their YouTube channel is well-produced and vital to their media output too.


Imagine the most stripped-back, acoustic version of your favourite song. Well, BitColumnist is the crypto news equivalent, offering the simplest of websites and leaving nothing to the imagination. This is a news aggregator that captures all sorts of aspects of the crypto world but leans more towards financial stories. No original content.

Brave New Coin

BNC is technically a digital wealth management platform, but their news stream is more than good enough to be included on this list, especially for their interviews and quality independent journalism. Editorials, news pieces, and price updates are all included.


Global crypto news at its finest. Ccowl selects the best articles from around 20 other top-rated crypto news sites, as well as pulling in data from some of the most popular trading platforms, including Binance, Bitfinex, and Bittrex. 


This news aggregator app is AI-led, offering a lot of useful personalisation and pulling in vast amounts of data on more than 2,500 cryptocurrencies. CoinBlick offers news sentiment analysis on every article, making them a key competitor to CryptoMood.


As the self-professed leader in Blockchain news, this site boasts a quality journalism team that looks at world affairs and global politics, and how they interact with the crypto world. 


Aesthetically-pleasing, full of high-quality guides, and plenty of well-aggregated news, CoinLib is a good platform. Some of the additional features include price alert options, charts for crypto-analysis, data on individual coins, and a portfolio tracking feature. CoinLib’s unique selling point is its arbitrage information.


This highly popular crypto news aggregation tool brings in their stories from many quality responses, including Coinslice, Cointelegraph, Beincrypto, CoinCodex, and more. By using their tag system, readers can filter news by coin, exchange, or area of interest. We deem this page highly trustworthy.


CoinNess delivers real-time news covering many topics from Blockchain and the cryptosphere. As a very dependable and likeable site, its minimalist layout acts as a 24/7 mixed-media timeline that provides great insight and accuracy.


Well-known, well-trusted, and well-liked, CoinSpectator is a leader in real-time crypto-journalism. Their free email update service is very popular for following major industry updates and stories about ICOs.

Whilst some news aggregators use thousands and thousands of sources, CryptoControl has made a point of only using a few high-quality sources that they can really trust and justify. They also boast a Twitter and Reddit social news aggregator for certain coins. With a simple and clean display, we think this site could grow well. 


Most crypto news readers are familiar with CryptoGoat because they do a few things better than almost any other platform. They’re great at news aggregation and even better at cutting out low-quality news. They’re trustworthy and don’t rely on news from social media. They’re also keen to create their own content with their own editorial team. They’re one of the best out there to learn more about the cryptosphere.

Crypto News

As a news aggregator, Crypto News focuses on mining, expert perspectives, real-time developments, ICOs, tech, and highly specialised news. It’s also available as a free and clean app on both Android and iOS, free of charge. 


Some would argue that CryptoPanic is the #1 crypto news aggregator on the market, keeping readers happy as they update their site every minute. As a pioneer in the market sentiment field of crypto, their work in article scoring has helped pave the way for companies like CryptoMood to enter the market and use AI and NLP to take the practice much further.

Crypto Pro

Data modules provide the perfect visual way of splitting their real-time data news, making the app very easy and enjoyable to use. You can sense throughout the user experience that their service has been built with traders in mind, offering great levels of support and personalization. You can even hook the app up to your Apple watch!


Cryptopys uses around 100 hand-picked high-quality news sources to bring in great articles for their readers. They also offer support in 18 different languages, which few other sites in this sphere can compete with. Community drive and intuitive, we enjoy what Cryptopys is doing.

Decrypt Media

Sleek, well-designed, and sourcing quality news articles to their feed, Decrypt is a great UK-based crypto news site. Read the Editor’s picks, or split into news streams based on tech, currencies, business, markets and more. Their ‘Learn’ section also includes some fantastic in-depth guides on some of the more complex aspects of the blockchain.

DeFi Rate

Interested in the DeFi world? DeFi Rate is probably the best resource for this sub-section of the crypto world. Decentralised Finance is a very important topic for many who are interested in the applications of blockchain technology.


With fantastic USPs like altcoin price checking, portfolio tracking, and personalised price alerts, FAWS has become a very popular crypto news site. It’s nice to look at, nice to use, and a welcomed resource for traders who want read-time data.


Messari is a curated crypto news platform that offers huge amounts of data to visitors and members. Their newsfeed is good, but the real value of information on this website is how they set up all of their available data. 


NewsBTC will feel familiar to news readers who visit sites like the BBC, as it has a typical news site layout, leading with the featured headline article and then listing other recent relevant articles. The articles are great to look at and great to read, with a strong team of writers putting together quality journalistic content.

The Block

The Block is cool. From the second you land on their website and get hit by the bright colours, interesting features, and quality information, you can sense that this is a site designed for young and well-informed traders. Some of their reports are first class, their writing team is doing a top job.

Reddit Cryptocurrency

As expected from Reddit, their cryptocurrency news site is social driven, so expect a lot of memes and jokes throughout. Anything that really catches the community’s attention will find its way up to the top, so if you want serious real-time news, this is not the place for it. 

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Over time we may update this page with new crypto news websites. If your crypto news project is not listed and you think it should be, contact us!

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