Introducing the CryptoMood Terminal (+updates)

A spike in sentiment before a bull run

What causes the price of an asset to change? Well, there are many factors. You might think of things relating to manufacturing, to international trade, a new innovative product by a company, or Draconian measures taken by world governments in response to a global pandemic. While these are all correct answers, they really only scratch the surface. What truly moves markets is not what happens on the outside, it’s how investors and the media react to these things. What moves markets is how people feel about an asset, and that is true whether we are talking about precious metals, stocks, or cryptocurrency.

Here at CryptoMood, we track how people are feeling about over 3000 cryptocurrencies in the news and on social media. This is called sentiment analysis. Our AI scans the text from over 50 000 sources in real time and pools the results together to generate two unique indicators: news sentiment and social sentiment. These can then be used to more accurately forecast the price of every major cryptocurrency, since trades are fundamentally executed based on how people feel at a given point in time. You can read more about a real-life example of how our technology helped a trader double their annual Bitcoin returns when using our indicators.  

The new CryptoMood mobile app!

We’ve been hard at work developing two products, a mobile app and desktop terminal, to help cryptocurrency traders optimize their gains and hedge against their losses. While we successfully launched the alpha version of our mobile app last month, our desktop terminal only just recently reached a stage which could classify as a solid beta version. It offers essentially the same features as the CryptoMood app but it is much more powerful. At a glance, the CryptoMood desktop terminal lets you see basically all of the information that could ever be relevant to the crypto asset you care about in a single window. You can read all of the latest news, see social media posts from Twitter and Reddit, and even watch YouTube videos related to your favorite cryptos all within a single window. 

Both our mobile app and desktop terminal are free to use but there’s a catch: you only get access to Bitcoin data. Until recently, free users had access to the top 10 cryptocurrencies. We decided to change this for one simple reason: our developers are in the process of building some of the most powerful products ever seen in the space and they need to eat. For many of our existing users, this may be an unwelcome change or even outright suck. That’s why we’re offering discounts on premium subscriptions to early users of our app, and even offering free premium subscriptions to those who can offer some constructive feedback on how to make our app and/or terminal even better than before. 

With that out of the way, let us take a closer look at some of the features in the CryptoMood terminal. 

The CryptoMood Desktop Terminal

First off, you are now able to use the same credentials you use to log in to our mobile app to log in to the CryptoMood terminal. This was something that we were working on for a while and was quite honestly long overdue, but the feature is here! Next we have new optimized indicators, including whale transaction wallet > exchange ratios, Github commit indicators, and even a Google Search Trends indicator. Basically every single non-price indicator you could ever need is now offered within the terminal, and of course we also have the price for every asset you are interested in. Finally, we’ve introduced a no risk guarantee policy for all new premium users on our desktop terminal. This means if you’re not satisfied, you will get a full refund within the first 24 hours of purchase.

The price for the premium version of the CryptoMood terminal has also been reduced to 99$USD per month. You will automatically get the premium version of the mobile app and also the WhaleTrace app when you purchase the premium version of the CryptoMood terminal. The standalone cost of the CryptoMood mobile app remains just under 5$USD per month, and is quite honestly the best bang for your buck if you’re not a serious trader. Those who are serious traders should strongly consider purchasing the premium version of the CryptoMood terminal for one simple reason: one of the traders using our indicators recently increased his returns by 2x when he used them in addition to classical price indices such as the moving average and MACD. 

And now let’s take a moment to go over the CryptoMood mobile app! 

A portable tool to maximize trades

Okay, we’re going to come right out and say it. The rating of our app does not look pretty on the Google Play Store. This actually has nothing to do with the app itself, but with a test message one of our developers accidentally sent out that really upset a number of users. While we’ve done our best to reach out to those users, we unfortunately cannot turn back the clock on this one. We aren’t too worried though, our app is packed with features that every single trader needs to have!

Our mobile app offers almost all of the same features found on our desktop terminal but in a more compact setting. The biggest difference is the indicator support. While the desktop terminal gives you a whole arsenal of indicators relating to price, sentiment, whale transactions, Github commits, etc., our mobile app offers a more digestible set of indicators: price, news sentiment, social sentiment, and whale movements. For most traders, this will be enough for you to leverage your trades and hedge your losses. 

CryptoMood news feeds in Coinpaprika

If you’re still on the fence about our desktop terminal or mobile app, we will just ever so casually point out our partnerships with a few notable companies within the crypto space. Coinpaprika, one of the largest cryptocurrency data platforms, uses our news feeds on their website. Bitfineon, an extremely user-friendly cryptocurrency exchange that has recently launched. They also use the news feeds that are curated by our AI. Finally, we will note that we are currently in the talks to be incorporated with one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges by 24 hour volume. We can’t say who yet, and the details are still being hammered out, but the point is that our technology doesn’t just work, it is WANTED by people in the space! Try it out, share your thoughts, and keep your eyes peeled for future updates! 

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