CryptoMood from idea to a powerful tool for market sentiment analysis. Interview with CTO & Founder, Amir Mamaghani

The worlds of nature and cutting-edge technology have many similarities, according to Amir Mamaghani, CryptoMood’s CTO. “Both are puzzling and intricate and everything needs to fit together harmoniously for a system to function,” he says.

Amir is the founder of CryptoMood, which he started as a personal side-project, as CTO of Turing Technology, two years ago. After a modest beginning, CryptoMood’s scope and development expanded quickly, and now involves a team of 12 programmers.

Amir’s role brings with it the responsibility for making sure everything — from programming to cloud installation — works smoothly and without interruption. It is a task Amir enjoys. “I am a lifelong programmer and I love to create technology with others and enjoy collaborating with a team of similarly minded people. CryptoMood is an outlet for my creative instincts.

The biggest challenge, he says, is to deliver accurate data in the fastest time possible. “There is nothing similar to CryptoMood on the market at the moment. Yes, there are news aggregators and market trackers, but nothing that shows the scope of market sentiment like the AI and natural language processing technology that CryptoMood developed. The quantity and quality of information that that we monitor and interpret is vast. Speed, accuracy and presenting a meaningful summary that is useful for a trader are the key challenges we face.

It is a constantly evolving project. To enhance CryptoMood, Amir has several improvements in the pipeline:

  • To make social media updates more flexible and configurable, with the ability to select real-time updates from specific social media accounts.
  • The ability to correlate market sentiment analysis with actual market movements, so that the CryptoMood AI can tell, historically, which sources provide accurate predictions and which do not.

To relax, Amir enjoys the calm beauty of nature and the steady rhythm of hiking or cycling along a remote trail. But he does admit it’s hard to fully escape from the technology that surrounds us. “Even in the hills, I still sometimes check the CryptoMood app, to see how the markets are doing,” he says.

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