About CryptoMood

About CryptoMood

CryptoMood is a leading cryptocurrency data provider that uses machine learning and natural language processing to report on market fundamentals and sentiment. CryptoMood was developed by Turing Technology, a fintech birthplace supporting products from idea to excellent customer’s experience.

Data Mining

Massive Data Mining

We process data from 50,000+ news sources, 10+ news aggregators, 4 social media networks, 100+ trading and crypto blogs
AI Algorithms

Advanced AI Algorithms

Our crypto sentiment analysis tools use high complexity artificial intelligence algorithms to analyse market sentiment and uncover crypto trading signals
NLP and Machine Learning

NLP and Machine Learning

With the help of NLP & ML, CryptoMood’s sentiment analysis tools can accurately analyse text and measure crypto market sentiment
Whale movements

Whale Movements

We track the largest crypto wallet movements and significant cash-crypto-cash conversions
Team Work

Our mission is to conceptualise and develop sentiment analysis tools for superior trading decisions.

Our team is small, but it works even better for us. We are not a corporation and our employees do not have serial numbers. Here atin CryptoMood, we want everyone to be heard and create an environment, where everyone’s work truly makes sense.

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