Cryptomood widgets

Super-easy to install widgets for your website, providing quality-rich information about the cryptocurrency market. CryptoMood widgets exist in different designs and visualize the real-time data collected by our data mining engine and processed by natural language components. It is perfect for trading platforms, wallets, market data providers, algo strategy builders, and white-labeled solutions. The integration of the widget should not be more complicated than implementing an HTML banner to the website, yet it is using pre-made iframe code.

News panel

News widget allows you to have an overview of the latest crypto news on the market with a special sentiment analysis graph accompanying it for the reasons to have a quick touch on how the market felt recently. Have it filtered with coins you track and check with different timeframes, sizes, and layouts of the widget. Have fun, and let us know if we could create a special one just for you. The quick view of news articles will soon be integrated, so you won't even go to the news website to check with the news!

Sentiment list

The Crypto Sentiment list represents the table of Cryptocurrencies ranked by the sentiment score from the most to the least positive with graphic attention highlighted by the sentiment score and the coin logotype. You can switch in-between the timeframes while the widget is adjustable in terms of the exact number of assets to be displayed. The sentiment score for each coin is valued by using Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing. The coin sentiment is scanned through news and social media together as per the accounts or media referring to or mentioning the specific Cryptocurrency.

Tweets on Chart

Each influencer account is counted on a score basis depending on their influencing power and following. Thus this widget combines the most powerful tweets along with the pricing and the sentiment analysis tools to track how the tweets are potentially affecting or following the price movements. A one-stop widget that allows the user to view the most powerful market tweets and their respective threads.

Tag cloud

A tag cloud represents the trends shown in an appealing cloud view that automatically scans through major crypto-relevant social media. It is shown live, which means the cloud is interactive in the form of showing the latest trends among the crypto market. Hence the trader is updated on the latest trends. Feel free to ask more about this widget's functionality or create your own "cloud" with us.

Data Table

Data Table gives you the best fit of aggregated sentiment and social volumes data in a format that specifies the scanned amount of each listed asset. Every transaction that occurs is being scanned so that a trader is able to extract all necessary market information from one widget. It can be modified for each asset, and as many assets as possible from the market can be added. For some coins, it is essential to see how the volumes are changing on crypto exchanges within a day. The timeframes are applied so you will be able to view each coin's data for specifically chosen times.

Emotion meter

Emotion meter is a sentiment based indicator that gets the total sentiment score into the graphical view of a tachometer with segments representing the mood of the social networks and news averaged towards a specific coin or asset. The meter is connected to a specific asset chosen for trade on the applied web page. This meter can also be represented in a different format adjusted to the size of the widget.

Daily overview

An automated AI technical analysis tool that gives the best of technical indicators analytics. It is automatically set upon request and then displayed to a user. This is very helpful for traders not only with resistance and support levels given for each timeframe but also with a Parabolic SAR, correlations between other cryptos, and with the best articles to check with for today.


An exclusive running feed that shows the latest stock market news and social posts of influencers' accounts. Our unique sentiment analysis is applied, and it makes it easier for the user to directly see if the news and post by the influencer is of negative or a positive mood. It is displayed in an appealing format and is designed to fit best on your website. Sources are also adjustable according to your specific needs.

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