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Innovative and Simplistic, CryptoMood Pro offers the Ultimate Set of Sentiment Analysis Tools for Crypto Traders and Companies.

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Unique Sentiment Index Reflecting the State of Crypto

Measuring sentiment in the cryptocurrency market just got a whole lot easier. Find out instantly whether the sentiment is positive, negative, or neutral.

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Market Data from all Cryptocurrency Markets

We simplify crypto trading by crunching data from millions of different sources and presenting you with a summary.

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Latest News, Hot Widgets and Crypto Trading Signals

Get crypto alerts ahead of market movements, receive unique sentiment reports, and view real-time trading signals for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

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Using our API you will get CryptoMood highest quality processed market data.


Improve your users experience through the integration of our free widgets.

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Case Studies

CryptoMood became a decision-supporting tool for over 500K crypto investors thanks to our visual representations of the correlation between sentiment and market behaviour.

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Indacoin - Instant fiat-to-crypto services

CryptoMood became a decision-supporting tool for over 500K crypto investors thanks to our visual representations of the correlation between sentiment and market behaviour.

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Coinpaprika - Market data provider with huge ambitions

Our real-time news feed is helping experienced traders to spot correlations between news sentiment and market movements.

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IntoTheBlock - Empowering Blockchain Intelligence

CryptoMood helped add additional value to the existing API solution, supporting the mission to provide various indicators for dozens of cryptocurrencies.

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Frequently Asked

How is CryptoMood bringing value to exchanges and other players in the crypto space?
CryptoMood helps traders to build and optimise their trading strategies with the end goal of earning more from their trades, by providing real-time fundamental analysis data. As the crypto-market is very big and competitive, CryptoMood products bring additional value to trading platforms, exchanges, data providers services, algo-strategy builders, and white labelled solution providers.
How do we calculate sentiment?
Most of the competitors has statistical based word analysis, but CryptoMood provides natural language processing (NLP) and natural language understanding on top of it. The sentiment score of each piece of information we scrap is a result of the sentiment multiplied by the impact.
From the sources we analyze, how does CryptoMood filter posts for noise and other quality affectors?
We use statistical methods to detect if the piece of content is spam or not. It is based on text and language analysis, language, and source rank. The most innovative aspect of our spam detection filter on social media is the usage of social graphs. This is a system that analyses what position a certain person holds in the community. Spammers’ profiles usually have no value, so CryptoMood easily filters them out from a decent newsfeed.

CryptoMood pricing models

We offer different models based on your needs if just you or your company wants to get the highest quality data through our API

Daily, half-daily, every 4 hours, hourly, and minutely time frames
Historical Data
1 year
3000+ coins
Live news and social feed
Updating instantly
News Sentiment: data from 50K news outlets and blogs

Social Sentiment: data from Twitter, Reddit, Youtube, Telegram

Transactions tracking: for transactions larger than 10K USD on 6 blockchains (WhaleTrace)
News Sentiment indicators: volume, EMA, moving average, RSI

Social sentiment indicators: volume, EMA, moving average, RSI

WhaleTrace component: volumes, ratio for crypto transactions larger than 10K on 6 blockchains

Trender indicators

Github indicators
Number of API calls
1 call per 10 seconds
Dedicated Success Manager

Pay for a 1 year subscription and get 20% off!

Custom widgets

custom-widgets custom-widgets

Custom widgets

CryptoMood widgets exist in different designs and visualize the real-time data collected by our data mining engine and processed by natural language components.

It is perfect for trading platforms, wallets, market data providers, algo strategy builders, and white-labeled solutions.