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Download the app now or check Terminal.

Download the app now or check Terminal.


What the media thinks about CryptoMood

A Single App With Powerful Features


Social Media Language
Processing and Sentiment Analysis


Crypto news
Aggregation and Live News Feeds


Bitcoin Whale
Transaction Tracking and Alerts

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Social Media
Sentiment Analysis

Useful Social Analytics

To discover the social sentiment, we process data from four major social media networks: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Reddit.

Excellent Sentiment Report

We use complex AI and NLP to produce a Market Sentiment report that analyses market attitude.

Active Social Listening Tool

Our Social Media monitoring algorithms analyse and summarise the most important social responses on trending crypto-related topics.


A Cryptocurrency News Aggregator
With Automated Analysis


The Best Crypto News Aggregator

We Process Data From 50,000+ News Sources, 10+ News Aggregators, 4 Social Media Networks, 100+ Trading And Crypto Blogs

Advanced App for News

Does anyone still use RSS feeds? We have the best crypto news aggregation app. Save time on research and get the most trending news in an instant.

Daily News Overview And Live Feed

Uncover crypto trading signals and get ahead of other traders by reading summaries of the latest crypto news.

Whale Transaction
Tracking & Alerts

Track Large Crypto Transactions

Analysing the movement of large volumes of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Vital Crypto signals

Receive price alerts for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and more. Make profitable trades by receiving crypto signals from our app.

Live Transaction Feed

Live tracking of large crypto transactions to and from exchanges, as well as between wallets. Observe large Bitcoin whale movements and mimic their trades.