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Try for free! CryptoMood is cryptocurrency news aggregator powered by artificial intelligence and advanced text processing algorithms, processes data from 50,000+ news sources, 4 social media networks and over 100 crypto trading blogs.

Cryptomood’s Fundamental Analysis Tools

Do you want to extend your crypto trading with Cryptomood’s fundamental analysis tools? Check out the video for more information.

Details about Cryptomoods’ News Aggregator

MarketImpact analysis
MarketImpact analysis

An unique analysis of all the most important news from news sites and crypto blogs.

Social networks sentiment
Social networks sentiment

See what other traders think about current crypto market

Whale wallet movements
Whale wallet movements

Transactions on the largest wallets and large tether emissions

Quick daily overview
Quick daily overview

Aggregation of all the most important news from social media and crypto blogs on a single screen.


Automatic fundament analysis powered by Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing / Understanding and cutting-edge data scraping techniques. We extract meaning and insight from textual content from articles and social media responses.

Massive data-mining and Processing

We process data from 50,000+ news sources, 10+ news aggregators, 4 Social Media Networks, hundreds of trading and crypto blogs.

MarketImpact analysis for cryptocurrencies

With the help of Natural Language Processing and Understanding + Machine Learning algorithms, Cryptomood’s news aggregator can accurately analyse text and predict crypto market sentiment.

Sentiment analysis from social networks & IM groups

A set of artificial intelligence systems analyze mood and psychological profile of social media users in crypto related spaces

Whale wallet movements and Tether emissions

We watch closely on the largest crypto wallets and transaction that might move with cryptocurrency price

The team behind

Our team has extensive experience in Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing and Fundamental Analysis. We are excited to apply our 10+ years experience of developing FOREX fundamental analysis tools to crypto trading.

Amir Mamaghani

Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Amir has a Master's degree in Cybernetics & A.I. He has over 15 years of experience in programming and algorithmic trading.

Filip Korbel

Chief Commercial Officer

Experienced entrepreneur and senior executive in company management, sales, business development and strategic directions.

Petr Homola

Chief Research Officer

Phd. in Computational linguistics, very active in research and development of the most sophisticated NLU and NLP algorithms. Worked for Google and Apple.

Jiri Materna

Artificial Intelligence expert

Phd. in A.I. and Computational Linguistics, ex-chief of AI research group at, co-organiser of the largest Czech AI conference Machine Learning Prague.

Ales Horak

Natural Language Processing & AI expert

Head of the Department of Machine Learning and Data Processing at Masaryk University in Brno. Phd. and associate professor (docent) in Informatics.

Team of engineers and software developers

Turing Technology software developer team with experience with FinTech projects



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NVIDIA Partner Network

For more than 25 years, NVIDIA has pioneered visual computing solutions and brought them to market with a network of valued partners. We are proudly one of NVidia Partners.


PR Agency

TsarPR is a fintech PR agency that has worked with several recognizable companies in the crypto industry. The agency only promotes the best innovations in finance technology and Cryptomood was selected.

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Venture Capital Fund

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